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 These paintings and collages represent simplified motifs from the garden and nature. Images of the flowers and leaves are not realistic representation of them. For this series, my main goal was to blend naturalistic forms and abstract, free moving objects that imitate collage and torn paper, and to make them look harmoniously attached all together. Collage and drawing were always big part of my work  and I am fascinated with “painting with scissors” by Matisse. All paintings were smaller format collage sketches in the begining and after transfering them on the canvas I tried to keep freshness and spontaneity that sketches initially had. All objects are clean and reduced and their colours combined in a harmonious way. Some motifs are recognizable and some are so simpified and reduced that they easily blend with graphic motifs on the painting .
I'm working on new paintings so please check my website for the updates. Thank you!
*Click on the image to enlarge it!
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